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"Success is where experience and opportunity meet."

Welcome To Venture 17


Venture 17 is an a assembly of accomplished executives  who share ideas, expertise and their vast networks to further realize significant opportunities. Comprised of respected leaders from a variety of professions, the Venture 17 group is committed to maximizing opportunities through investments, governance, consulting  and operational excellence.

Strength in Numbers


Accomplished in their own rights, one of the key strengths of Venture 17 is the diversity of our members. The combination of this group's expertise, experience and vast networks further drives successful partnerships, delivering greater insights and resources to those we work with.

A Part of the Business Community


Members of Venture 17 continue to be an essential part of the business community, serving on boards, pursuing personal interests as well as  owning and operating successful businesses. These businesses operate independently and represent a variety of industries, providing additional resources and services for Venture 17 and our network.



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